Friday, September 26, 2014

One Week Post Op

I've been a bad blogger.  I know, I know!  Sorry guys, I've just been plain lazy.

I was converted from lapband to sleeve last Friday.  It really wasn't bad.... I had little to no pain.  Those first few hours upon waking up... yeah, they sucked.  It hurt.  But then that subsided.  They were able to use my same incision scars from the lap band.  This photo was taken just an hour or two after surgery:

My lovely instagram friend Cindy who was sleeved 10 months ago and shares my surgeon was my first visitor just a few hours after surgery and I was ready for a walk!  The nurses joked that I must've wanted to get outta there, but really, I was just sick of laying in bed already.

I know, I know, I looked rough, but cut me some slack.  I'd just had surgery!
I was promptly discharged barely 24 hours after surgery and I've spent most of the last week just lounging around my house.  I've felt kinda crappy.... literally.  This is a TMI topic that I refuse to post about on IG, and am slightly embarrassed about... but since revision everything that goes in, comes out... almost immediately.  I finally broke down today and emailed my surgeon about it, and he cleared me to move to soft foods a week early to see if that helps.  I had a few bites of zucchini 3 hours ago and I haven't gone running to the bathroom so that is great news!
So... what I know you all really want to know.
HW: 344.4 pounds (2012)
Surgery Weight: 260.2 (9/19/2014)  .......yes, yes, I am ashamed.  When Dr. Yoo told me to gain 3-4 pounds, I was a bit of an over achiever.
Todays weight: 247.2
Loss of 13 pounds since surgery!  I'm expecting a slight stall now that I'm starting foods again, but it won't linger for long :)
Thanks to everyone for worrying about me and checking in on me!
Today.  I believe I already see my loss in my face :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Change of Plans?

I'm almost afraid to write this post after Tuesday evening, but here goes...

Tomorrow morning at 8:15am, I will be revised from my lap band to the VERTICAL GASTRIC SLEEVE.

No more RNY Gastric Bypass.  Apparently it wasn't approved by my insurance company and when they submitted to request it, it was denied.  Fuck you, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.  I mean, they approved the Sleeve based on a letter I wrote about why I need to have Gastric Bypass?  Really?


I'm not a particularly religious person, but I do believe in God, and I think this is all in His plan.  I believe God made sure I was having the right surgery for me. 

So here we go again.

I've been on this clear liquid diet again today and it SUCKS!  I'm sure you all remember from when you had your surgeries.

I'm not sure I'll believe it's actually happening until I'm at the hospital tomorrow, but cross your fingers and send me your prayers please!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Approved... Denied.... Emotional turmoil

Did you all know that the insurance company could rescinded their approval mere hours before a surgery?

I didn't. Unfortunately, I learned that this evening. No revision surgery in the morning.

Not Alone

How did I think I was alone?  I have such an amazing support system.

So many of you have reached out to me through texts, facebook messages, and phone calls.  I'm so appreciative of you all, you make a difference in my life.

I can't believe it is almost here.  Tomorrow is the big day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hospital Bag List

  • A hard pillow to put against my tummy when standing (I'm planning to bring the one the hospital gave me in 2012 with a photo of a Lap Band on it lol)
  • Gas-X strips
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Mouth Wash
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Clean undies
  • Pajama pants
  • Chap stick
  • Lotion
  • Body spray
  • Phone/Tablet
  • Phone Charger
  • Slippers with grippers

  • Any suggestions would be much appreciated?!  Thanks!

    One Week Away

    Yesterday was my pre-op appointment.

    It began with a 3 hour pre-op class with 7 other RNY patients and one DS patient.  This class was miserable for several reasons.  First, I have already taken it before.  Second, the questions/comments just REALLY annoyed me.

    "How long do I have to take these vitamins?"

    "When will I be able to drink sweet tea/eat fried chicken again?"

    "I don't have a problem with food, I'm just fat.  Will I still lose weight?"

    "How much weight am I going to lose?"

    The questions were really endless and it frustrated me because I felt like these people had not done their research at all.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe I'm just being a WLS snob...idk.

    Then I had an appointment with my surgeon.  I hugged him and thanked him for all of his help and for fighting for me.  His personality though.... think....a brick.  But, it's not his personality performing my surgery, so it'll be alright.  He did inform me that if he gets in there and finds a lot of scar tissue, the band will be removed and RNY will NOT be performed at the same time.  Fingers crossed that is NOT how it goes.  He thinks I should be okay since my band is theoretically "normal" but he won't know really until he gets in there.

    My PA will be helping with my surgery, although she doesn't typically do surgeries at that hospital.  She has rearranged her schedule and I will go first that morning so that she can be there.  I truly love her and hope she knows how much I appreciate her.  It means a lot to me that she will be the one helping with my surgery. 

    Then I had my pre-registration with the hospital.  When I got there, we went through my medications, medical history, etc.  Then the Nurse Practitioner informed me that I was scheduled at the hospital for the wrong date!  WTF!!!  I was freaking out, but it is now all fixed (24 hours later).

    So I'm all set to have my lap band removed and RNY gastric bypass performed on 17September 2014.  Fingers crossed all goes as planned!

    Yesterday made this all feel so real.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014

    Gwynnie Bee (unlimited wardrobe) in review

    I was SOOOOOO excited Saturday when my very first Gwynnie Bee order arrived!
    It only took 4 days from the time I signed up to receive my first package, really not bad at all.
    So here are my first 3 garmets:
    1.  There is NOTHING redeeming about this dress.  It was too big, the pattern was horrible.  The colors looked faded.  All of these things were written about in the reviews.  Not sure why I closeted this, but I was trying to give it a chance on my own.  HATE!  It went back already without even wearing it.
    2.  This is a beautiful dress, and so very comfortable.  I wore it yesterday and received several compliments.  Unfortunately, I seem to think I'm bigger than I am, because it was at least one, maybe two sizes too large.  I would've looked better had I gotten a smaller size.
    3.  This dress is okay.  The reviews said to size down, so I got a Large, and it still feels too big.  I'll wear it once and then return it.
    Annnnnd, thanks to one of my lovely blog readers signing up using my referral link (click here), I got a 4th garmet this month!
    4.  When I saw the dress below, it was love at first sight.  I was so sad it wasn't in my first order, that I emailed asking them to include it in my next.  It arrived two business days after I was notified of a referral bonus garmet, not too shabby!

    This dress is EVERYTHING I thought it would be.  If I weren't about to start my weight loss journey over again, I would buy this dress from Gwynnie Bee right now!
    So... in review, I highly suggest trying Gwynnie Bee.  If you try it for a month and don't love it, you've really lost nothing, as it is free for one month.
    When adding garmets to your closet, be sure to read the reviews.  They give a lot of insight into the sizing and length.  After receiving these items, I went through my closet and changed the sizes on EVERYTHING to size down.  I guess I'm not quite as big as I seem to think I am.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2014


    My head is in a really messed up place right now.

    I'm going to be honest, it could be going off of my antidepressant in preparation for surgery.  Or it could be a whole host of other things going on.  Maybe a combination.

    Surgery month is here.  As I write this, my countdown calendar says I have 14 days, 21 hours.  And I feel so alone.  I did this alone once already, and I did okay, but it wasn't nearly as scary.  I thought it would be nice to have the support of someone who cares for me this time.  I thought I was going to have that, but now I don't think so.

    Mr. Banker and I were doing really well for a short time, but then he became distant again.  I don't understand it.  I thought he would want to spend time with me before surgery, but he hasn't seen me in 2.5 weeks now.  I was depending on him to help me through this.  He has always been so supportive of the weight loss surgery in the year and a half we've (not) been together. 

    I guess I just need to adjust my mindset and realize I'm in this alone again.