Sunday, March 13, 2016


Tomorrow I have a follow-up with my wls office. I'll see my wonderful, amazing, lovely PA Erica. I absolutely adore her. She is caring and personable. During the battle for my revision with the insurance company, she kept me sane. She participated in my lap band procedure, most of my 30+ Lap Band fills, my revision surgery, and my gall bladder removal. I think so highly of her that for some time I considered that I'd love to go back to school to become a PA.... She truly inspires me. That dream was short lived, when I remembered all of my student loans, but if I ever win the lottery, I could follow through. I'd love to be the light in a sometimes otherwise difficult spot for other patients as she has been for me.

So needless to say, I'm pretty excited to see her tomorrow. I'm excited to share my progress with her. Nope, not at the goal number, but yes- I'm at the goal. Goal: mother. Goal: healthier. Goal: happy.

I'm including a recent photo that I snapped over the weekend. I hardly even recognize myself.